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3rd Day of Student Days 2005, Apr 2005
Body-painting and Midnight Song Festival among other things

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Event - Various events on the third day of Student Spring Days 1005. Day club (drunken sports), body-painting competition, toy museum and midnight song festival (which was the BEST!).

Photography - First test of my new Sigma 55-200 F4-5.6 lens. I quite like it. This lens brought back fond memories of the fun I used to have withy my old Panasonic FZ1 12x image-stabilized optical zoom digital camera. I've been without a proper zoom ever since I switched over to Digital Rebel in September 2004. It wasn't a problem during winter but now that the outdoors season is here, the Sigma 55-200 couldn't have arrived at a better time. Plus it is small, light and very portable. All in all I am very pleased.

After nightfall I was once again amazed by the Canon 50mm F1.8. The low-light capabilities of this lens (with the aid of ISO 1600 from 350D) are nothing short of stunning. To be able to capture light coming from the lyrics reflecting off people's faces in the midst of a pitch-black night is just amazing. I've even been able to get acceptably sharp hand-held shots with 1/5s shutter speeds - and all this at a 80mm equivalent focal length. A few pics are level corrected, most are straight from the camera.