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Clubgirl @ Atlantis, Oct 2006
The second of monthly competitions before a grand finale in Sept 2007

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                 I guess these girls found the guys at the club just as uninspiring as I did. No wonder they turned to each other:)   She looked kind of familiar. I've never had much of a memory though. She later went on to win the jury vote.
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Event - "Clubgirl" is a series of monthly competitions at club "Atlantis", culminating in a grand finale in September 2007. The winner will be sent to London to an all expenses paid luxury trip. To sign up for the upcoming competition (or to sign up one of your girlfriends:), go to http://www.atlantis.ee/index.php?leht=74.

Photography - 100% kit lens this time, didn't even bother to take any other lenses with me. Flash mostly done with the off shoe cord. For the posed pictures I had one of the girls hold a 420EX slave flash for added depth. I realize the sexual discrimination in my pictures but I can't help it if most guys in clubs look completely uninspiring. Besides, Estonia isn't exactly known for its abundance of good-looking guys. Not that I'm complaining. Its just that a bit more variety to the pictures wouldn't hurt, but I can't conjure up something that isn't there.