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Clubgirl @ Atlantis, Dec 2006
The fourth of monthly competitions before a grand finale in Sept 2007

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Event - "Clubgirl" is a series of monthly competitions at club "Atlantis", culminating in a grand finale in September 2007. The winner will be sent to London to an all expenses paid luxury trip. To sign up for the upcoming competition (or to sign up one of your girlfriends:), go to http://www.atlantis.ee/index.php?leht=74. The first 14 pictures are actually from last month's pictures which I decided not to publish at the time.

Photography - Decided to stick with no flash on the dancefloor and to rely on the strobes in the ceiling as the only source of light. It is quite tricky most of the time. The strobe flashes are not very predictable - sometimes they go for half a minute without any flashing at all and then the start flashing like crazy, giving me multiple exposures in the picture. I tried to negotiate with lighting guy to try to keep the flashes to a predictable beat, but nah - he forgot about me within a couple of minutes and so I was back on my own.