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"Deal or No Deal" ("Võta või jäta") @ TV3, Feb 2007
Behind the scenes of the initial taping of a new TV show

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Event - The initial taping of a new TV show called "Deal or No Deal" ("Võta või jäta"). Apparently a popular format elsewhere in the world, an Estonian TV station decised to purchase the license and give it a go. A good friend of mine (in fact one of the models in red) invited me to come take some behind-the-scene pictures, so here they are.

Photography - One of the models took my camera and started shooting with it in high ISO mode and the aperture wide open - with flash! I thought those pictures would be crap, but quite the opposite - they look very interesting. I remember having tried something similar way back with my 300D but since the results were terrible, I quickly forgot about it. But that was also with the hacked ISO 3200 and those who've had 300D know what the quality was like. Thanks to Polina (the model who rediscovered it for me), I may give that technique another try:)