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"Eeden Top Model" competition, Feb 2007
A modeling competition for young hopefuls at a local mall

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                 Beatrice, the organizer of the event.
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Event - A modeling competition for young hopefuls at a local mall. I had in fact planned on shooting the local "Pop Idol" ("Eesti otsib superstaari") preliminaries for the whole day, but the friends of one of the models invited me to come take some pictures and since I needed to go shopping anyway, I thought I'd stop by. Same as last year, these girls are way too skinny. Hopefully that is a result of a naturally high metabolic rate combined with a healthy amount of exercising and NOT rigorous dieting, because that would be just plain wrong. Some of them looked like it was the first time they ever walked in high heels, which although quite awkward, was also kind of endearing. The questions and answers round was a new twist, too bad though that all the models were asked pretty much the same thing - what does it take to become a model and how to stay skinny - which I feel was somewhat of an insult to the intelligence of these girls. Then again, its all about looks right? Well they delivered in that department - they were all fresh and cute and the winner has an interesting physique combined with mesmerizing eyes.

Photography - My three primes (30mm, 50mm, 85mm) all the way. I guess this was another one of those 70-200mm F2.8 events, but since I still haven't bought one (I keep putting it off), I just had to rely on my fast hands to change lenses on the fly.