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"Koolimiss" - "Miss High School of Estonia"; March 2007
Teen beauty pageant @ "Parlament"

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Event - "Koolimiss 2007", "Miss High School of Estonia 2007". For a gallery of last year's event, check here: "Miss High School of Estonia 2006".

Photography - Actually, only a couple of the pictures here are taken by me. Since my hand was busted up from a biking accident, 99% of the pictures up until the award ceremony were taken by my lovely assistant Polina and all the award ceremony pictures were taken by Anett. I dialled in the settings, changed the lenses, exchanged memory cards, held the reflector - but they took all the pictures. I tried to interfere as little as possible with the actual composition of the pictures and I'd say they did a fine job. Thanks Polina and Anett! Without them, there wouldn't be a gallery here. By the way, there are pictures of Anett and Polina in the gallery as well - you'll find them if you look out for a few pictures with comments below them.