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Miss World Estonian Preliminaries, August 2007
Kanal 2 "Missid", preselection & casting of candidates

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  With her 179 cm height plus high heels, Triinu towered over all the other girls (and, ahem, me as well). She also made it to the top 10.     Some of the other girls I asked predicted her a spot in the final ten. The judges decided differently.  A self-described tomboy, she certainly fit the role and would have been a refreshing alternative in the finals, but no such luck for tomboys - again.  Maria's been a favourite of mine for a couple of years now. Suprsisingly she didn't make it to the finals.        Gerta sure loved to pose. Which did her good, since she ended up being in the final ten.  Raili, another finalist.     Based on her posing and expressions, she would have been one of my top choices for the finals, but I guess I'll just have to sneak into more jurys in the future to start getting my opinions across.
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Event - Miss World Estonian preliminaries (Kanal 2 "Missid"), preselection & casting of candidates. A lot of my favourites didn't make it to the top ten, but isn't that always the case.