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"Koolitants", Tartu tantsupäev, Jan 2011
"Koolitants" school dance competition in Tartu

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Event - "Koolitants" school dance competition in Tartu.

Photography - a field test of the new Canon EOS 550D camera. All I can say is - in just half a day I'm more in love with this camera than I ever mustered any affection for the 40D. The reasons are more numerous to list here, but let's just say - I am NOT a fan of the "regular" sized DSLR cameras. The only thing better about the 40D in my eyes is the FPS. Everything else - yes, including the things most people prefer about the camera, like top side LCD, jog wheel, size, weight etc - are all inferir on my eyes compared to the Rebel line of cameras. I prefer the buttons of Rebels to the jog wheels and joysticks of xxD cameras any day - the buttons are precise, the jog wheels are not. I can operate the buttons blindfolded, knowing exactly how many button presses each action takes, whereas I always have to baby-sit the jog wheel. The top LCD of the xxD line is a joke - I hardly ever see the miniscule icons on it, the back-light is pathetically weak, I have to turn it on with my other hand, you never see what the next icon is unless you turn the jog wheel etc. Ok I will stop right here, but I feel like my love for photography has be reignited by the 550D, whereas it was almost extinguished with the 40D.