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"Koolitants" finals @ Nokia Kontserdimaja, Apr 2011
"Koolitants" school dance competition finals in Tallinn

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Event - "Koolitants" finals in Tallinn @ "Nokia" Concert Hall.

Photography - Unfortunately I had not marked the event in my calendar as I thought I wouldn't be in Tallinn at the time. However quite unexpectedly I was and suddenly found myself without the proper lenses to cover the event. All I had with me was the F1.4 Sigma 30mm lens (great for portraits and when you're close to the action, not so great to shoot stage events). I managed to borrow a Canon 70-200mm F4 lens, however I must say the F4 is a seriously limiting factor in such a setting. All in all, I managed to shoot a few tolerable pics (plus the portraits are always my favourites anyway) but I learned a lesson to mark all events of interest in my calendar regardless of whether I think I will actually make it to them.